Dual Buffered Splitter


Dual Buffered Splitter

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The Dual Buffered Splitter is an active Splitter with an “always on” high end Kl*n flavoured buffer circuit. There are two discrete inputs feeding two discrete buffer circuits splitting the signal at the input to the two outputs on each side.

Each input and out put set can be used independently and the design is to keep all signals isolated from each other.

Drive two amps, split to two boards in parallel, run a complex wet/dry rig the options are endless. 

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Designed, engineered and hand built in London.

Each enclosure is finished, decals applied, drilled and assembled by hand and as such the finish will be unique and may show some slight imperfections or character.

Available in White Textured with black decals (£5 extra) or Aluminium with black decals.

9v negative tip power supply required.

2 year limited warranty.