Input/Output Box


Input/Output Box

from 40.00

An under board patch bay for managing signals into and out of your pedal board.

The Input/Output Box has 4 inputs and 4 outputs to let you patch as below.

From Board - Amp Input
FX Send - To FX Loop Chain
From FX Loop Chain - FX Return
Channel Switch - Channel Switch (TRS to manage simple and complex switching)

This set of I/O lets you run a 4 core multicore loom from board to amp, making everything quick and easy when breaking down and setting up your rig.

All the I/O running through one cable including throughput for amp channel switching.

Secure it under your board with the amp side facing out, patch the board I/O side then you can run your loom between the amp and board for a no drama modular setup… No more cable spaghetti!

For the moments where you aren’t looking to use the FX Loop just move the signal through the FX loop chain before patching into the “From Board” input to stack the pedals in the front end through the FX Loop chain before reaching the front of the amp. All without disturbing the actual patching of the pedals on the board.

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Designed, engineered and hand built in London.

Each enclosure is finished, decals applied, drilled and assembled by hand and as such the finish will be unique and may show some slight imperfections or character.

Available in White Textured with black decals (£5 extra) or Aluminium with black decals.

2 year limited warranty.