Dual Loop A/B

Dual Loop A:B Example.jpeg
Dual Loop A:B Example.jpeg

Dual Loop A/B

from 49.00

Two loops just like the NCA Double Loop but configured to run in an A/B & Master bypass setup letting you switch between two chains with one click and a bypass to switch back to third sound.

Also available with our Kl*n style boutique buffer between the two loops for an additional £30.

Please note this is a signal routing loop pedal, it does not record or replay any audio.

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The options are pretty broad with this one, the most basic being a clean tone when bypassed with a bit of reverb set up after the Dual Loop A/B so it’s always present, then the “A” loop set up with a couple of drives to give a crunch with one drive and crunch+ with both drives on then loop “B” with a smoother high gain drive with maximum sustain and a delay for a lead sound.

Designed, engineered and hand built in London.

Each enclosure is finished, decals applied, drilled and assembled by hand and as such the finish will be unique and may show some slight imperfections or character.

Available in White Textured with black decals (£5 extra) or Aluminium with black decals.

9v negative tip power supply required for LED indicator only (not included) The device will function with no power connected.

2 year limited warranty.