Multi Switch


Multi Switch

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Our Multi Switch is the perfect base for customisation.

Imagine the solution thats just right for you;

1) Tuner out Killswitch
2) Loop
3) Loop
4) Loop
5) Feedback for loop 4 (with level)
6) A/B switch for two outputs

With a Kl*n style buffer and bypass toggle - Additional £30.


1) Tap Tempo
2) Channel switch
3) Killswitch to tuner out
4) Loop
5) Loop
6) NCA Amp dirty boost (with level) - Additional £30

Any of the 6 switches can be configured to control a number of different features.

Just select the desired finish, with or without buffer and amp and pick features for each switch.

Feature options:
Killswitch Momentary
Killswitch Latching
Tuner Killswitch
Channel Switch for an amp
Tap Tempo for a delay
Feedback (on/off relative to a loop or set of loops with control)
Attenuator (on/off adjustable drop in signal with control)
A/B Switch (input or output)

All managed within a small footprint enclosure consuming the smallest amount of pedalboard realestate possible (260mm x 75mm approx.)

Add an optional built in glorious Kl*n style buffer with active/bypass toggle switch for an additional £30.

Configure one switch to control a built in NCA Amp with level control for £30.

If you are adventurous the Multi Loop could be configured with a multicore shielded cable to switch a rig sitting side of stage or back at the amp for remote control of effects, amp channel switching, tap tempo.

If you want to go even further or have functionality of design in mind beyond the Multi Switch please contact us on the Custom Shop page and we can advise and quote on anything you can imagine.

Please note this is a multi function signal routing loop pedal, it does not record or replay any audio.

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Designed, engineered and hand built in London.

Each enclosure is finished, decals applied, drilled and assembled by hand and as such the finish will be unique and may show some slight imperfections or character.

Available in White Textured with black decals (£5 extra) or Aluminium with black decals.

9v negative tip power supply required for LED indicator only (not included) If configured without a buffer or NCA Amp the device will function with no power connected.

2 year limited warranty.