Our take on a simple yet useful tool.

Again after seeing to many oversized, cumbersome, space consuming preset switches we developed our own solution.

Housed in a tiny, space saving enclosure, the NCA Preset is small enough to fit in between a patched up pedalboard without consuming any unnecessary space.

Compatible with:

Most effects using a single button momentary footswitch with a mono jack for Preset toggle input such as those from Source Audio.

Source Audio Ventris
Source Audio Nemisis

Can also be supplied with preinstalled fixed length cable and Rean Mono TRS jack at an additional cost of £1.20 per metre of cable required (please contact us to arrange).

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Designed, engineered and hand built in London, England.

Each enclosure is finished, decals applied, drilled and assembled by hand and as such the finish will be unique and may show some slight imperfections or character.

2 year limited warranty.