We are a bespoke and boutique manufacturing company and each device is individually built to order by hand.

There are no machines here, just people.

We don’t use any production lining, no CNC milling, no outsourcing, no mechanical assembly, no pick and place circuit boards and no large scale manufacturing processes. The closest we get is building a small batch of units at a time.

The majority of our products are hand wired, point to point with printed circuit boards only employed for specific areas where complexity and precision dictates.

We believe in excellence and the craftsmanship that only hand assembly delivers.

We also believe in balance, taking care of ourselves and spending time with those who are important to us and to support this we keep to loose business hours between 8-6 each weekday, we don’t build or ship on weekends.

As each device is hand built we have an approximate build time we quote from the point of order to allow us time to build, finish and test each product and ensure it meets our exacting standards.


Current Build Times

NCA Standard Line: 5-7 days

NCA Custom Shop Pedals: 2-4 weeks

NCA Custom Shop modifications and rehousing: 2-4 weeks


Products showing as in stock indicate all the materials required for the build are currently available and we are able to accept an order to build the device. The build time above applies to any orders of this kind.

Products showing as preorder indicate we are awaiting delivery of some materials to accept the order and commence the build. We are usually able to show a date we expect to receive any outstanding material or components and builds preordered would commence from this date. Once all materials are in stock the build time above applies.


While our little company grows we are becoming increasingly busy and at times the sheer volume of orders can cause delays.

If there are any delays or we anticipate we may not be able to complete on time we will contact you with some options on how to proceed.

Completion and shipping

All orders ship within 24hrs of order completion during weekdays, if an order is completed after mid day on a Friday we may attempt to ship it immediately however if the cutoff is missed it may sit in transit through the weekend.

Shipping time relevant to the shipping method selected commences from the point the build becomes complete.

Once the build is complete a fulfilment email will be sent with the tracking details of the order, from this point on the order is handed over to our carrier and the shipping time relevant to your destination and shipping method applies.