Custom shop 

The NCA Custom Shop is here to design, engineer and build an audio device from scratch to satisfy a need for your rig, we also design and implement modifications to existing pedals and can rehouse a damaged or tired pedal to give it a new lease on life.

All Custom Shop work is done on a consultation basis before accepting and confirming any modification, repair, rehousing or custom build work as it is an exceptionally complex area and the scope of work must be clearly defined and quoted before undertaking any work.

Due to the complexities of designing and engineering solutions that aren't already in existence some refinement of the specification may be required during production, clients will always be advised as soon as practicable.

All modifications, repair, rehousing and custom builds are subject to terms and conditions and are not eligible for return.


Due to the number of projects in progress there is now a waiting list for custom shop builds, Modifications and rehousing.

The current wait list time from quote to commencing work is approximately: Two Weeks


Custom Builds

Custom build projects are also available if you have a specific need that isn’t currently available. This process requires some commitment in resources to provide design time and materials to prototype and refine before the final product is built.



We offer a comprehensive modification service for our own designs and existing pedals build by other manufacturers. True bypass switches, diode swaps, clipping switches bass boost, high cut, tone stack mods and whatever else you can dream up!



We are also able to offer rehousing of any pedal by other manufacturers using our own supply of genuine Hammond enclosures. Rehousing will be done in standard NCA industrial style graphics with the your choice of colour from our palette. 

Custom Shop Gallery